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Pauline & Lou

Table setting

Lou and Pauline

eco table setting

Lou and Pauline showed the world that you can have a low impact, eco friendly wedding that is is still beautiful, moving and a good time. Pauline and Lou live on a beautiful little property out in nature, the ideal place to share their special day with their friends and family.

  • Pauline had her dress made by a friend using vintage buttons and embrodied fabrics.
  • They had amazing favours, choosing to use fresh organic lemons acting with the dual purpose of a thank you gift and table setting pieces.
  • The meal was a DIY affair, cooked up by one of the couples friends.
  • Pauline carried flowers that contained native local blooms.

The ideas Pauline and Lou had for their wedding made the day something truly unique and truly special. Thank you for doing your part in educating others that weddings do not have to be over the top, commercial affairs. Being mindful of your impact on the planet can make things truly beautiful.

Images and words provided by Holly, the photographer, from hj imagery.