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Erin & Ben

Here is the story of Erin and Ben whose eco-friendly wedding will take place in August 2007. Guided by their goal to cut down on "stuff" that goes unused or unnoticed and to minimise pollution from transportation, they have created an event with minimal impact that celebrates all their local community offers.

The venue will be one of Brisbane's suburban parks, chosen for its natives. Rather than hiring chairs that would need transportation, guests will be asked to bring a picnic blanket. They will not use flowers, which use up so much water, so the bride will carry a parasol instead.

Bridal outfits have been made with "reuse" in mind - Erin's green dress will be taken up so it can be worn again, as can be Ben's hemp pants, cotton white shirt and vest.

The invites and Order of Service are made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper tied with hemp string.

For the reception, a much-loved restaurant in Paddington will provide 100% vegan catering. Erin & Ben believe that by eating vegan, land, water and resources are used directly to produce food that is eaten, rather than producing an animal, which wastes water and many square kilometres of grazing land.

Among their many earth-sensitive choices are: a delicious vegan mud cake, Australian beer and wine, tables decorated with candles, and instead of guest favours they are donating to Oxfam unwrapped. They will put cards on the tables explaining why they chose a favour that gives to someone in real need.

And the best thing? Erin and Ben say they are having a ball designing the wedding and their guests are certainly curious as to what the day will look like!