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Eco friendly dry cleaning


The Green Dry Cleaners

Dry cleaning doesn't need to be harsh to be effective. Green Earth Dry cleans to a higher standard. It not only helps our clothes get clean, it also helps the communities we live in. Most dry cleaners use petro chemicals whereas Green Earth uses completely safe silicone which suspends the dirt and carries it away without damaging the fabric or the environment. 

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Brisbane area
tel: 0738 390 045

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Stannards Drycleaners

Your wedding gown should receive the same care and safekeeping as your memories. Your wedding day is one of the most important events of your life and a day for keeping memories that you will cherish forever. You can trust Stannards Drycleaners to preserve your precious wedding gown and those memories without using harsh chemicals.

Over the years and with having been entrusted to clean thousands of gowns, Stannards Drycleaners have developed special gentle procedures to safely remove stains, even from delicate silk gowns.

Although Stannards Drycleaners are located in the Perth area you can still mail your wedding dress for preservation and cleaning.

173 Hay Street, Subiaco Western Australia 6008
tel: 0893 819 022