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Organic Wedding Cake

In medieval England, the guests would bring small cakes that were piled up as a gift to the bride and groom (you can see where the modern wedding cake tradition evolved from). Years later, the small cakes were crumbed over the bride's head for luck and fertility (thankfully today, we prefer to eat the cake).

Having a cake ceremony as part of your celebration is entirely up to you. One advantage of a cake is to serve the cake as dessert and thus minimise waste.

You should be able to find a cake maker who specialises in organic ingredients (or is at least prepared to incorporate them into their recipe). In fact, organic flour, organic butter and other cake ingredients are so readily available, that any cake maker or the reception venue chef should really be happy to use them.

:: NW tips :: Try asking an organic restaurant or caterer if they will make you a cake, or ask at your local organic foodstore as they may know a customer that makes cakes.

To keep with the natural flavour, use flowers as the cake decorations.

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