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Skin care, makeup & hair

We all want to look and feel our best on our wedding day, both emotionally and physically. Join a gym, swim a few laps, go walking, try yoga or pilates. Begin slowly and enjoy getting into the outdoors; the end result of feeling great will be worth it.

For radiant, healthy skin from the inside out, stick to a skin care regime that is simple and chemical free, a healthy diet and drink lots of water.

Choose a natural plant oil and mineral make-up range like SANTE, but do a trial make-up session to make sure you’ve got the right colours. The only non-natural item you'll probably need is a waterpoof mascara. As yet, we have not found a waterproof one.

Treat yourself to a natural facial and you'll find more hair salons offering natural colours and services.

:: NW-tip :: Read the ingredients and try to avoid:
Chemical preservatives
Synthetic colours & fragrances
Petrochemicals like mineral oil and propylene glycol

Trial any new skin care for at least one month before your wedding day to ensure it suits your skin and there are no reactions.

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