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heart drawn in sand

Natural decorations

Our advice for venue and reception decorations is try to reduce what is needed as it may end up discarded. Beautiful table centerpieces can become expensive. Keep it simple, elegant and inspired by nature.

If you are using vases filled with sand and shells, perhaps give them as gifts to special guests who have helped with your wedding day.

With nature's bounty, the options for decorations are truly endless - a bowl of beautiful organic fruit orhome or organic market grown floral or simply foliage arrangements.

Candles add a traditional, romantic touch to any celebration, especially an eco-friendly wedding. However, please try to choose beeswax candles or soy candles rather than paraffin candles. Not only is beeswax better for the environment, they burn cleanly so your guests are not breathing in petroleum fumes. High quality beeswax burns for a longer time also.

:: NW tip :: You may have chosen to donate to an environmental organisation on behalf of guests, rather than giving favours. In which case, tie your table decorations into this theme, with a small tree as the centrepiece.

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