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Eco Friendly Wedding Dress

Your wedding is a day to shine and having a beautiful dress certainly helps.

Perhaps the most eco-friendly option for a bridal gown is to choose a second-hand dress - like your grandmother’s vintage wedding dress with some alterations to reflect your style. You will also find pre-loved stores that specialise in bridal wear.

For a custom-made gown then try to find a dressmaker who will be happy to work with natural fibres. There are gorgeous natural bridal fabrics available in silk, hemp, bamboo, organic cotton (including organic cotton lace) and even organic wool. Synthetic fabrics are made from non-renewable petrochemicals and create greenhouse gas emissions. If the fabrics have been dyed, ask how, and choose non-toxic dyes and non-chlorine bleaching.

To complete the circle, after your celebration you might consider donating your dress to a charity store so that it can be loved again.

For your honeymoon and pre-wedding celebrations, you can find a fast growing selection of clothing made from organic cotton, hemp and other natural materials.

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