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Eco-friendly catering & food

The catering and beverages for your wedding reception consume a large portion of your budget - and will probably have the second greatest eco-impact after transportation.

Certainly don't be afraid to ask your reception venue if they can use organic and local produce - you can even point them towards a producer you may know of.

Some easy tips to make your wedding reception more eco-friendly:

  • Use local, seasonal and organic ingredients where ever possible.
  • Choose Australian-grown organic wine, beer and beverages.
  • Use biodegradable dinnerware, such as elegant Bambu dining ware or palm leaf plates.
  • Use banana or bamboo leaf platters to serve your canapés.
  • Use local or organic coffee, tea and chocolates.
  • For a self-catered reception, consider asking guests to bring a plate instead of a gift.

:: NW tips :: Dr David Suzuki believes that if you need to choose between organic food that needs to be transported a long way or locally-grown food, then the local food is the better choice for the environment. 

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