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Bomboniere, favours & bridal party gifts

This Italian word "bomboniere"– is a 15th century tradition that is still with us today. Originally sweet boxes were exchanged with the guests as a sign of good fortune and a memento of the special day. Five sugared almonds were given, symbolizing health, wealth, happiness, fertility and long life. They have been modified over the years and can become expensive.

Remember wedding favours aren’t necessary, but if you feel you would like to give your guest a thank-you for attending then you can. Be creative, there are 101 ideas -- just be aware that many bomboniere are left on the table or tossed away.

:: NW tip ::
Consider donating to an earth-friendly organisation on behalf of your guests.

Natural choices that are gentle on the planet:
Beeswax candles, organic chocolates, beautiful handmade natural soaps, organic or fair-trade coffee and tree seedlings. Visit our Bomboniere suppliers.

For your attendants, consider thank you gifts made from recycled products, a hamper of natural skin care or organic cotton bed linen. For the gents, organic wine, silk tie, solar or water powered gadgets.

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