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The basics of when & where

Setting a date

This could be the easiest or hardest decision of all. The location may determine your time and date due to the availability of the venue or church. ‘Off-peak’ wedding rates may also be a consideration, as well as the time of year or season.

:: NW-tip :: Plan as far ahead as possible to maximise your chances of achieving your ideal solutions. When decisions are left too late your choices are narrowed and you may often have to compromise where you do not want to. It often works out that the more you plan ahead, the more money you can save also.

Choosing a location

Your location or venue will depend upon your style of wedding. The ideas are endless, indoor or outdoor, bush or beach, formal or informal. It may be a special place where you first met or first holidayed together, but no matter where you choose, it will have a personal connection to you both.

:: NW-tip :: Holding the ceremony and reception at the same venue reduces the cost & logistics of travel for you and your guests. The reduction in travel will help reduce the environmental impact of fuel consumption & emissions. If this is not possible, provide buses to transport guests or consider carbon offsetting to cover the transportation emissions.

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