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Set the mood for your wedding with paper wedding lanterns

Posted by on 2 May 2014 | 0 Comments

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You can give your wedding reception a romantic look simply by using natural paper wedding lanterns.  

The paper-bag luminaries illuminated by votive candles provide a natural touch when you group your wedding lanterns in different sizes on the guest-book table
or dinner tables for a beautiful, glowing display.  Set the beeswax candles in heavy round glass votive holders to help anchor the bags and prevent any accidents.



You can also add flowers to create a natural paper vase with these square paper hurricane luminary - set of 3

Square paper hurricane luminary - hearts in small or large

Japanese-style luminary candle bags in sets of 2 provide a rustic look.

Don't forget to use Beeswax candles as they are carbon neutral!

These wedding lanterns and many more natural wedding decorations are available at biome eco stores.

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