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Fabric and Buttons Do It Yourself Wedding Bouquets

Posted by on 13 June 2013 | 0 Comments

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These Fabric and Buttons DIY Bouquets are easy to personalise and a creative way to save
on the flower bill on your wedding day. You can get together with your brides maids and they
can make their own and then you can make the groomsmens button holes to match. 

All you need are some basic items and a little creativity.

Supplies needed:

Assorted Fabrics

Felt for backing

Assorted buttons


Hot glue gun

Floral wire

Needle & Thread

1 large and 1 small circles template (as pictured above)


1. Cut out from card stock the template circles and then trace their profile on chosen fabrics.


2. Cut all fabric cirles.


3. Sew around the edge of each circle, pulling the thread and once you have obtained a
ruffled closed circle cut the thread and knot it.


4. Choose cute buttons and glue to the front of your flower.


5. Cut enough pieces of floral wire (about 30 cm long) and bend them in two half.
Then bend the ends. Then add some hot glue on the back of a flower and then glue the
wire on it and add a piece of felt to keep it steady.


6. Arrange the flowers in bouquet style. You'll need about 20 flowers to make a full bouquet.


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